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Meet Youphoria's Massage Therapists: Denise Pardee & Mary Brendle


Swedish Massage is one of the most well-known types of massage, using long, gliding strokes. It is incredibly effective for full body relaxation, as it works in the direction of returning the blood to the heart. Additional benefits include improved circulation and decreased muscle toxins. It also aids in the loosening and lengthening of the muscles.

30 Minute Swedish Massage: $35.00

60 Minute Swedish Massage: $65.00

90 Minute Swedish Massage: $90.00


Fall into deeper relaxation by simply adding a few drops of essential oils to your Swedish Massage. Each oil has its own set of unique benefits for your mind and body.

60 Minute Aromatherapy Massage: $70.00

90 Minute Aromatherapy Massage: $95.00


Deep Tissue Massage is very similar to Swedish Massage, but in using deeper pressure, is helpful for releasing chronic muscle tension. It targets the tendons and fascia, which is the protective layer of connective tissue surrounding the muscles, joints, and bones.

30 Minute Deep Tissue Massage: $40.00

60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage: $75.00

90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage: $105.00


Melt away stress and tension with our hot stone massage. With the use of smooth, flat, heated basalt river rocks, the muscles are warmed and soothed, allowing your therapist to reach deeper levels within the muscle. Benefits include deep relaxation, immunity boost, relief from muscle tension and pain, as well as depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Great for those with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage: $80.00

90 Minute Hot Stone Massage: $105.00


Reflexology is the ancient art of foot massage, known to the Chinese and the Egyptians. Energy runs through the body in channels, or meridians. This type of foot massage stimulates these energy channels and promotes relaxation and benefits to each system of the body- every part of the foot corresponds to an area of the body.

45 Minute Reflexology: $50.00


This type of therapeutic body work focuses on the specific needs of a mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. It enhances functions of the muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relaxes physical and mental fatigue.

60 Minute Prenatal Massage: $65.00

90 Minute Prenatal Massage: $90.00


Cupping therapy is an alternative therapeutic Eastern method dating back to around 1000 B.C. Now gaining popularity with athletes and Olympians, it is a modality in which a vacuum-type suction is used to draw up dead static blood and toxins away from injured muscles. This allows fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to enrich the area, promoting faster healing and muscle relaxation. Some circular marks may appear for a few hours or even days, up to one week. This is a perfect alternative to deep tissue massage, with instant relief and no down time or soreness.

15 Minute Targeted Cupping Therapy (add on to any of our Massage Services): $20.00

30 Minute Cupping Therapy: $45.00

60 Minute Cupping Therapy: $80.00