Tonya's Top Treatment Picks: Micro-Peel

This combination of diamond tip microdermabrasion and Hydrating Radiance Peel will give vibrancy to dull, lifeless, dehydrated skin. Not only will this treatment reduce the appearance of pores it will also treat post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation while leaving the skin smooth, fresh, and glowing. You can expect NO downtime or peeling with this very effective treatment.

Why I love it: The micro-peel is perfect for the cold winter months when the dry air inside and outdoors takes a serious toll on delicate facial skin. Low moisture in the air, dry heat indoors, and hot showers contribute to trans epidermal water loss and flakey, dehydrated skin. This treatment counteracts and treats all of these conditions by removing excess skin cell build up from the surface with the microdermabrasion and then polishes, refines, and hydrates with a mild peel. One of my personal favorites to perform on myself to keep my skin in top shape and ensuring all the professional, high quality home care I use is better absorbed and able to do its job!


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Tonya's Tips is a skincare and beauty blog authored by Youphoria's very own Spa Director, Esthetician, and Body Waxing Specialist, Tonya Eberly. To learn more about Tonya, click here!