Please note: All prices listed are starting prices. Final price will be determined upon consultation.

Hair removal services are available only with our Estheticians Debra Breiding & Tonya Eberly. These services are available Tuesdays 1pm-8pm, Wednesdays 1pm-8pm, Thursdays 4pm-8pm, Fridays 12pm-6pm, and Saturdays 9am-4pm.

Special Information About Waxing/Hair Removal Services (Continue scrolling for information on services available and pricing):

Our Esthetician & Waxing Specialist Tonya Eberly has trained in New York with Nationally Renowned Waxing Educator Crickett Enos aka The Wax Chick and continues her education on the latest techniques and procedures through attending esthetics shows and taking online classes. Tonya specializes in Precision Brow Design and Complete Brazilian Waxing. She practices the highest standards of safety and sanitation. Gloves are worn for every service and sticks are never double dipped. You can rest assured that the wax being applied to you has not come in contact with another person. Tonya uses the highest quality hard wax, which ensures gentle yet effective hair removal. Debra has trained intensively with Tonya to learn her technique and best practices in the art of body waxing and brow shaping.

2 Weeks Prior to your Waxing Service:

  • Stop shaving, tweezing and the use of depilatory cream hair remover (i.e. Nair) At least 1/4” of hair growth is required for hair removal.

  • Begin gently exfoliating the area to be waxed daily using a washcloth and moisturizing body wash using circular motions to help hair come through the skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Avoid using loofahs or netted sponges as they tend to hold bacteria which can lead to ingrown hairs.

  • Moisturize daily with an oil-free lotion to soften skin and make removal of hair easier.

72 Hours Prior to your Waxing Service:

  • Stop all prescription Retin A, Differin, Tazorac, Renova or over the counter alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy and/or retinol products.

  • -Most “night creams” are Vitamin A based products, please avoid topical application to your face 48 hours prior to your appointment

  • -Avoid indoor or outdoor tanning

The day of your Waxing service

  • Avoid a very hot shower prior to your service

  • Avoid alcohol consumption prior to your waxing service

  • Feel free to take an over the counter pain reliever 30 min to an hour prior to your service to take the edge off.

  • -It is suggested that men coming for back or chest waxing bring a clean shirt to wear after their service to prevent infecting freshly waxed follicles with any sweat or oil left behind on the shirt worn to the appointment.

24- 48 Hours After your Waxing Service

  • Avoid hot tubs, saunas, hot showers, vigorous exercise, excessive sweating, and tight fitting clothing. For leg, foot and toe waxing avoid getting a pedicure 24-48 hours post waxing.

  • Resume gentle exfoliation and moisturizing. Again, avoid using loofahs or netted sponges as they hold bacteria that should not come in contact with freshly waxed skin. A wash cloth is best and recommended.

A Note for Sunless Tanners: 
Waxing will remove sunless tanner, it is recommended that you schedule your wax 24-48 hours before sunless tanning services.

Salon Hair Removal Services (Available with our Stylists and our Estheticians)

Basic Brow Shaping: $12.00 - $18.00

Lip Wax: $12.00

Chin Wax: $12.00

Basic Brow Shaping, Lip & Chin Wax: $32.00

Spa Facial Hair Removal Services (Available only with our Estheticians, Tonya, Rachel, & Denise)

Brow Shaping & Finishing* (Includes fill & education on how to perfect your brows' shape at home): $15.00-$18.00

Nape Wax (Clean-up around the base of your hairline): $15.00

Sideburn Wax: $15.00

Spa Body Hair Removal Services (Available only with our Esthetician & Waxing Specialist, Tonya)

Half Arm Wax (From just below shoulder to elbow OR from elbow to wrist on both arms): $30.00

Full Arm Wax (From just below shoulder to wrist on both arms): $50.00

Underarm Wax: $30.00

Half Leg Wax: $40.00

Full Leg Wax: $75.00

Belly Line Wax (From belly button to top of underwear line): $15.00

Full Belly Wax: $35.00

Back & Shoulder Wax (Includes full back and shoulders): $60.00

Basic Bikini Wax (Removal of hair that falls up to 2 inches outside the underwear line): $30.00

Complete Bikini Wax (Removal of hair up to 2 inches outside and inside the underwear line. One inch from the top of the pubic bone. Backside can be included at an additional cost upon request): $45.00

Brazilian Wax (Removal of all hair in the bikini area front and back. Strip/triangle design optional): $65.00